How Does a Pay Per Head Sportsbook Work?

One of the hottest trends in sports betting is pay per head. As the industry grows, more sportsbooks prefer to run their operations on a price per head platform. But, some people would still ask, how does Pay per head sportsbooks work?

While the PPH concept is not new, some people still do not know how it works. Fortunately, this article will answer your questions.

What Is a Pay Per Head Sportsbook?

To understand how PPH sportsbooks operate, you must learn what it is. This is a business concept that bookies use to run their operations. It is an alternative to launching and running your bookie the conventional way.

This concept eliminates partnering with individual online payment processors, acquiring a license, partnering with casino games developers, and the like. Instead, you will get a ready sportsbook minus bettors. It is like getting the login information of an established betting platform.

Yours is to find clients to wager on the platform. Meanwhile, the PPH or the company powering your platform continues to create betting lines, ensuring that all systems work correctly and generally do the heavy lifting.

How Does It Work?

First, you must identify a company that provides pay per head services. For example, ChampsPPH is a great company.

Once you contact the site and express your need for a pay per head sportsbook, the company will set up the platform and grant you logins. This can be followed by a few weeks of a free trial.

ChampsPPH will continue setting up betting lines for your sportsbook and handle the technical aspect of your business. Your players can place bets, deposit funds, withdraw their winnings, and discover other products you have to offer.

Ideally, your PPH provider has no direct access to your clients. The company just provides betting lines, a payment system, and a safe gambling platform.

In other words, you still have complete control over your betting business. You can set the bet limits, choose what to offer your clients, manage your players’ profiles, and much more.

Meanwhile, you will pay a specified amount for the services. For example, ChampsPPH offers betting lines, sportsbook websites, and customer support, among other features. You are required to pay $10 for every player that wagers during a week.

This is much cheaper than the money you spend hiring employees to create odds, provide customer service, and maintain your website. Ideally, pay per head is a cheaper alternative for running your betting business. So, if you have a bankroll and a few more dollars to pay the weekly fee, contact ChampsPPH to launch your pay per head sportsbook today.