Create the Ultimate Side Hustle With Champs Pay Per Head

There is money to be made in today’s expanding sports betting marketplace. More and more sports fans are looking for ways to add some betting action to the sports and sporting events they love and follow the most.

While football and the NFL in particular still command the biggest betting handle, there are any number of ways to create a lucrative side hustle that puts money in your pocket on a year round basis. Working directly with as your bookie software services provider, you will have fast and easy access to everything you need.

Champs Covers All the Bases

The real trick to reaching and exceeding your financial goals as a private bookie is expanded streams of revenue. There are any number of ways to build your weekly betting handle while also building the profit you make on that added volume. offers a comprehensive suite of gaming software solutions that can expand your sports-based operation into a full-service online gaming site. Sports will always remain the number one lead, but adding horse betting, casino games, poker and contests are all part of the mix.

Each of these profit centers have the ability to contribute to both weekly cash flow and profit. They can also set your bookie business apart from the competition. By establishing your business as a one-stop shop for all of someone’s online gaming needs, you will be building an overall customer base that provides a solid year round financial return on investment.

Another good reason to turn to for your bookie software solutions is affordability. Starting from just $7 weekly per active betting head, you will receive everything you need with no hidden costs or added fees buried in the fine print.

Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group behind has extensive experience in the sports betting industry while also possessing a high level of expertise in the field of gaming software.

This fortuitous combination creates a product line that is both comprehensive in its design and turnkey in its online application.

Take Advantage of Champs Premium Experience

Your weekly pay per head bookie software package also includes access to the in-house team of professionals at You will never feel like you are out there all alone trying to make a go of your own private bookie business.

The best way to think of is as a dedicated business partner that always keeps your personal business interests top of mind. Your own account manager will get things started by walking you through the simple process of going live online.

You can be taking action from your betting base the same day you first sign on at To get you started in the right direction, these is an extended free trial covering the first four weeks of pay per head services.

With no upfront cost or further obligation beyond the four-week time frame, this is the ultimate way to take everything has to offer for the most thorough test drive possible.

Backed by decades of experience and industry expertise, is a bookie services site that has been built with the future in mind. An innovative suite of gaming software products and fully supported by an in-house team covering every aspect of online sports betting and iGaming solutions.