Champs PPH Provides the Ultimate Turnkey Bookie Solution

As a private sports bookmaker, your biggest edge against the big commercial sportsbooks is the elevated level of customer service that you can provide. Your biggest disadvantage is running and managing that business entirely on your own.

This is where comes in. As a highly rated bookie software solutions provider, you will have easy access to everything you need to run and manage a highly successful sports bookmaking business. Working with, you can expand that business into a full service online gaming site with horse betting, casino games, poker and contests.

What is a Turnkey Bookie Solution?

More than a few pay per head bookie sites throw around the concept of being turnkey. In the true sense of the word, you should be able to operate your bookie business with little or no upfront prep as if you are turning the key to enter the front door of your brand new house.

In reality, very few online bookie software solutions are truly turnkey. However, has gone out of its way to make it extremely easy to get your bookie business up and running.

The overall bookie services package at has been built to be comprehensive in its design and turnkey in its application. The idea of being comprehensive pertains to having everything you need to automate your bookie business while operating it completely online.

The turnkey aspect of the bookie services application pertains to highly sophisticated gaming software solutions that are easy to use. The actual learning curve to navigate this software is minimal. That being said, you will also have access to an in-house customer support team on a 24/7 basis.

Why is a Turnkey Bookie Solution?

In this industry, you have to be able to walk the walk before calling yourself the best bookie services option. Based in Costa Rica, is backed by an ownership group that has decades of experience in both sports betting and online gaming software. This is a powerful combination that has produced proprietary software solutions that cover every form of online gaming.

Bringing home the concept of turnkey bookie solution, you will have access to a Personal Success Manager when you first sign on with They will walk you through the entire startup process including the creation of individual online account profiles for each of your betting customers. Your bookie business can be taking in online betting action that same day.

Following an initial demonstration of your bookie software, you will feel like a pro in a short amount of time. As a way to give your bookie business a fast start out of the gate, you can take advantage of a free four-week trial of everything has to offer.

There is no upfront cost to participate or further obligation beyond the four-week trial. Most importantly, there is no better way to demonstrate the concept of turnkey bookie solution.

Along with your own Personal Success Manager, you will have access to the entire in-house business support team at as part of the turnkey concept. This includes sports betting experts to build out your board, IT technicians to customize your online business image and trained customer service staff to lend added support.