What Makes a Pay Per Head Software Profitable?

With the increased demand for gambling services, more bookies are setting up businesses. Similarly, more pay per head (PPH) providers are coming up to meet bookies’ needs.

This leaves you with plenty of choices. Yet, you cannot pick a random pay per head site to support your gambling services.

If you want to penetrate the industry and stay as every other bookie runs, you need profitable pay per head software. Here are elements that make PPH software profitable.

Quality Betting Markets

There are hundreds of betting markets. However, some might not be cool for your clients, diminishing their quality. Players who cannot find value in the betting markets you provide will not bet.

So, find the betting markets common with your clients. Find out what other markets they would love to explore.

For example, bettors want to wager on participating players. So, if a tournament featuring 22 players could have markets such as:

  • Which player will be substituted?
  • Player A will score in the second half
  • Which team will score first?

Having engaging betting markets ensures player engagement. Therefore, understand what your players want before offering random betting markets.

User Friendliness

A user interface is supposed to provide maximum convenience to the user. You can have the right interface. However, if it possesses challenges, your clients will run.

The user interface’s visual design, layout, and information architecture should provide maximum convenience. In other words, the interface should be available in a language your targets understand. Additionally, users should understand the links, tabs, icons, navigation menu, and everything without googling about it.

Having a user-friendly interface is a good way of retaining clients. Clients can navigate your platform without a hitch to discover more betting markets to wager on.


Imagine having great software with the elements that make your business profitable. However, you have to pay $100 per player every week.

If you have 20 clients, you will pay $2000 every week. You might be able to afford this fee if you are dealing with high-roller clients. However, the chances of getting this money plus your profits are slim.

You will spend most of your time gathering money to pay for the services. You will no longer enjoy running your business. However, if you are paying $10 weekly for each player, your business can easily become profitable.

Using the right software can grow your profits. If it is affordable, comes with great betting markets, and has a user-friendly interface, making profits will not be an uphill task.

ChampsPPH is a profitable pay per head software. Contact the company to install the software on your betting template to start making profits.