What Does the Price Per Head Fee Cover?

Running a bookmaking operation demands efficiency, accuracy, and seamless management of numerous tasks. A small bookie offering bets for one sport or two could manage the whole operation on their own.

However, when you have a bigger business, it will cost you money and more money to run your operations efficiently, accurately, and seamlessly.

Fortunately, the pay per head service has been a game changer. This service offers a comprehensive solution, providing bookmakers with a range of essential tools and services that cater to various aspects of their bookmaking business for a small fee per player. Today, we look at the fee charged by price per head service provider and what it caters for.

Streamlined Bookkeeping and Account Management

First and foremost, the PPH fee takes care of bookkeepers’ worries by offering a sophisticated account management system. This system allows bookmakers to monitor and track their clients’ betting activities.

It includes real-time updates, allowing bookmakers to stay on top of wagers, balances, and settlements. This streamlined approach ensures accuracy, transparency, and efficient management of bookkeeping tasks, saving bookmakers precious time and energy.

Diverse Betting Options and Lines

The PPH service provides bookmakers access to a wide array of betting options and lines. This expansive offering covers various sports events, leagues, and betting types.

Bookmakers can offer their clients an extensive menu of betting opportunities, enticing them to stay engaged and place wagers regularly. With regularly updated odds and lines, the PPH service keeps bookmakers and their clients ahead of the game, enhancing the overall betting experience. All this costs a few dollars per player.

Customer Support and Security

Exceptional customer support is a hallmark of reputable PPH providers. With a few dollars from each player weekly, bookmakers and their clients can receive round-the-clock assistance from a team of knowledgeable professionals.

Any technical issues or betting inquiries are promptly addressed, leaving both bookmakers and their clients satisfied and reassured. Furthermore, the PPH service prioritizes security.
It implements robust encryption and data protection measures. This allows bookmakers to operate confidently, knowing that their business and clients’ information is shielded from potential cyber threats.

The price per head fee is a lifeline for bookmakers. With this fee, bookies can get an all-in-one solution covering essential aspects of their business, from efficient bookkeeping and diverse betting options to top-notch customer support and security.

At ChampsPPH, you can pay $10 per player to get all the above services and more. The best part is you can easily pay this fee by providing more betting options and quality customer support. Contact ChampsPPH today to transfer your business to an online platform for only $10 per player.