Vegas Always Wins and So Can Private Bookies with

There is a reason why there are so many commercial sportsbooks in today’s sports betting industry. From the most glitzy retail sportsbooks on the Las Vegas Strip to the biggest online books running mobile betting platforms, the only reason why there are so many commercial sports betting outlets is the money to be made.

No sports bettor bets to lose. However, in reality there are far more sports bettors that lose more than they win. Along with this basic fact of life, there is also a very high demand for private sports bookmakers in today’s marketplace.

Quite a few avid sports bettors are looking for the higher level of customer service that a private bookie can provide and the big commercial books can never match. Yet, these same sports bettors are still looking for all the added amenities the commercial books have in place to enhance the entire sports betting experience.

This is where can help you completely level the playing field as a private bookie agent. Once you can match the commercial books at their own game, you can create a significant point of difference with the elevated level of customer service that includes personal attention to detail.

Working With as Your Bookie Services Provider

Based in Costa Rica as the center of universe for bookie software solutions, the ownership group behind designed this site to be comprehensive in its design and turnkey in its bookie services application.

Ease of use has been combined with safe, reliable and secure online service to create a weekly pay per head package that provides everything you need to run and manage a successful private bookie business.

Your online sports betting platform comes with full mobile capability to book sports bets from any handheld device with an internet connection. As the bookie agent, you will also have access to your own online bookie dashboard that acts as command central when it comes to running and managing the day-to-day operations.

Best of all, by moving your bookie business offshore with you can protect your own financial interests while also safeguarding any sensitive online data connected to your players’ betting activity.

Win Like Vegas With

As a private bookie agent, your bottom-line profit is connected to the hold percentage generated from your sports betting handle.

The sports betting handle is the total volume of betting action taken in over a set time frame. A bookie’s hold is the difference between the money paid out on winning bets and the money collected on losing bets plus the commission or juice charged to book any wager.

In a perfect world, if you charge the standard 10% juice on losing wagers, the ideal bookie hold would be a matching 10%. Generating a 10% hold each and every week is not realistic. Some weeks the bettors get the best of the results and lower that hold. However, more times than not, the bookies get the best of things to pocket some solid revenue on the betting handle. can help you make the most of your weekly sports betting action through sharper betting lines and expanded betting markets. Through lower weekly per head fees and added gaming solutions, you too can win like Vegas with by your side.