Take Advantage of the Full Gaming Lineup at Champs Pay Per Head

When you walk into a land-based casino, there is a good chance that you will also find a racebook for betting on horses and a sportsbook for betting on the games. Many of today’s casino gaming venues will have a separate section for playing cards and tournament poker.

Today’s active players are looking for an easy way to meet all of their gaming needs. As a private bookie, you need a gaming software solutions provider that can meet this demand.

ChampsPPH.com Full Service Gaming Solutions

When you sign on with ChampsPPH.com as your bookie services provider, you will successfully position your business to become a full-service online gaming site. Sports betting may be the driving force behind this operation but there is money to be made on horse racing, casino games and poker.

The suite of gaming software solutions at ChampsPPH.com includes all of these options as part of your comprehensive weekly pay per head plan. Each gaming solution is also turnkey in its online application.

By grouping all four of these gaming options into the bookie service you provide, one of your active customers can place a wager on tonight’s big game, bet the daily card at their favorite horse racing track, try their luck on a few jackpot slots while also testing their card playing skills on a few hands of live dealer blackjack or Texas Hold’em in the poker room.

That is a full day of gaming by anyone’s standards and it all took place through your ChampsPPH.com online betting platform. This platform offers full mobile betting capabilities for any handheld device with an internet connection.

By covering all the bases for each of your active betting clientele, ChampsPPH.com gives you the ability to completely level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks offering these same options. ChampsPPH.com utilizes an internal gaming operating system that would rival what the biggest commercial books are using to power their online gaming sites.

Make Full Use of the Gaming Lineup at ChampsPPH.com

The gaming lineup that comes with your ChampsPPH.com weekly plan is impressive to say the least.

Sports betting remains the primary business focus through some of the most sophisticated bookmaking software the industry has to offer. Along with the basic solutions covering all the most heavily bet markets, ChampsPPH.com is one of the few PPH services that offers a prop builder software tool. This gives your players hundreds of different betting options for each day’s biggest events.

ChampsPPH.com has also ramped up the number of live betting options that can be incorporated into your sports betting board. Live in-game betting is the fastest growing segment of today’s online sports betting industry.

Moving to your own online racebook, your horse bettors will have access to more than 80 tracks across North America as well as racing venues in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and Dubai. If a track is running a live daily card, your players will have access to betting those races.

The online casino is filled with the most popular Las Vegas-style slots and table games. This includes live dealer casino games for the most popular tables. ChampsPPH.com raises the bar again with an online poker room software solution for running your own card games.