Switch and Run Your Bookie Website With ChampsPPH Software

Have you switched to using a pay per head software to run your betting operations? If you have, congratulations. However, if you are yet to switch, you are missing out on many benefits.

Fortunately, this software is for everyone, especially those with a small budget. Below are the steps to start using the software and running your bookie more efficiently.

1. Contact ChampsPPH

  • The first step is to contact a company providing pay per head services. ChampsPPH is the best site for many reasons, including:
  • 4 weeks free trial
  • $10 per player fee
  • Immediate account setup
  • Turnkey software
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Sports and horses betting options
  • Poker games
  • Management tools

These are the things you need to become a successful bookie. ChampsPPH ensures its software is designed to grow your business and make bookmaking fun.

The site sets up your betting platform in a few minutes, allowing you to embark on betting action as soon as possible. ChampsPPH also ensures that betting lines are posted on time. You will also get a dedicated manager to help run your betting business.

2. Recruit Clients

The other step is to recruit clients. This is a crucial step. In other words, it is important you choose quality clients.

While there are millions of bettors worldwide, most are not good for you. Fortunately, you get to choose the kind of clients you want to offer your services to because you are the sole recruiter.

So, think about the qualities of the clients you want. Then, create a strategy for acquiring those bettors.

For example, if you want to offer your betting services to college students, you can attend tailgates and college sports events. Here, you will be able to acquire potential clients easily.

You might want to target people who place unofficial bets among themselves. They often hang out in bars or somewhere with big screens to watch sports events. Approach several individually and recommend them to your platform.

3. Launch and Manage Your Bookie

The last step is to launch your bookie platform. This will allow clients to deposit their funds, wager, and withdraw their winnings. You must ensure each system is working correctly.

For example, find out whether clients can get customer support around the clock. Another thing you can confirm is the payment system. Find whether it is safe and convenient.

While ChampsPPH can manage your bookie, you need to take some responsibilities into your hands. For example, set the minimum and maximum bet limits, maximum payout for players each day or month, and so forth.