Setting up a Profitable Pay Per Head Sportsbook: a Short and Sweet Guide

Building your sportsbook from scratch is expensive and almost impossible unless you have millions in savings. Yet, that should not stop you from owning a betting platform and earning good profits.

Setting up a pay per head (PPH) sportsbook is the alternative to building a betting platform from scratch. Instead of spending thousands of dollars and a lot of time to open a conventional sportsbook, you can set up a PPH bookie. Here is a short and sweet guide for opening a profitable PPH bookie.

Choose Your PPH Service Provider

This is the most crucial step. It determines the quality of your bookie, how much you can keep your clients happy, and how much profit you can make.

A PPH service provider provides resources for running an online bookie. The company offers a betting template, sportsbook software, and additional features such as betting lines, management tools, and customer service.

PPH providers are not the same. So, consider your needs and client satisfaction by choosing the right provider. Essentially, ensure your provider meets your needs at an affordable price.

Enroll a Few Clients

The next step is to enroll clients. You can get as many clients as you want, depending on how many clients you want to serve. However, start small.
Enroll a few clients and create a personalized relationship with each. Understand each client’s needs and modify your services to keep your clients happy.

Building a close relationship with a few clients has many advantages. For example, you can retain most of your customers, which translates to consistent income.

Once you build a solid client base, enroll a few more clients each month. Consider the size of your bankroll before recruiting more clients than your bankroll can support.

Launch and Run Your Bookie

Your pay per head service provider should set up your bookie in a few hours. Log in to the platform and customize different things to your liking.
For example, you might want to offer bets for the World Cup and nothing else. Deactivate all other markets and leave the ones you want.

Set the minimum deposits, withdrawals, wagers, and other limits. This gives you control over your business. It is a way of eliminating liabilities.
Once everything looks perfect, launch your site. Invite clients to explore your new services and place their bets online.

How long did that take? Following the instructions illustrated above, your bookie can come online in a few hours. If this is your goal, contact ChampsPPH to set up your platform and invite clients to start betting.