Run Your Bookie With Top Class Software Free For 4 Weeks

A free trial of anything can help you decide whether you like the product or service or not. When it comes to partnering with a company for your business, you must be critically careful.

This is because a bad partnership could lead to your business’s downfall. Moreover, the partnership you build with the other company lasts a while. This can either mean working with a company you do not like or a firm you enjoy working with.

As a bookie, it is crucial to test a service before committing. This free trial allows a bookie to test the service and product provided to determine their compatibility with his book. Today, we find out where you can get a free trial period and what you should check out during the trial period.

Where to Get Bookie Software Free

Where can you get a four-week free trial period of any product or service? The answer is nowhere for most services and products.

Running a bookie requires resources and time. These resources are expensive. It is one of the reasons most bookies still run their business online.

As such, finding a company offering a free trial is hard. This is because you will use its resources without paying a dime. Fortunately, some companies can bet on their product and services.

For instance, ChampsPPH offers a four-week trial period. Do you qualify for this trial?

Anyone can get ChampsPPH free trial period. You will find a form on the website’s homepage. Fill it in with the information required to get your trial period.

What to Check During the Trial Period

A trial period should help you identify the service and product provided by the pay per head bookie company. For instance, ChampsPPH promises to provide easy-to-use bookie software, a turnkey solution, 24/7 customer support, reliable and secure infrastructure, a personal success manager, and more. Ideally, ChampsPPH does it all for your bookie business.

So, it is up to you to do your due diligence. Four weeks is a long time.

So, use the time to test ChampsPPH’s product. For instance, find out whether the company has 24/7 customer support by contacting the company randomly around the clock. This will confirm to you whether your clients will get assistance.

While at it, ensure that customer representatives are courteous and professional. Another thing you need to check is the quality of odds, hold percentage, line management tools, player management tools, and risk management tools.

Ideally, give everything a spin like you would a car before driving off forever. Ready? Fill out the contact form at the ChampsPPH homepage and get your free trial.