Pay Per Head Bookie Software Review

One of the best ways to choose pay per head bookie software is to read reviews. Reading reviews helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of bookie software. It is like reading a manual before operating a machine.

This review is about ChampsPPH. It highlights key features and how having them helps build a successful bookie business.

Free Trial Followed By $10 Per Player Overhead Fee

There are several things to look for in bookie software. The best way to do this is by using a demo account during the free trial period. This account allows you to explore the pay per head bookie software and services.

You will find features and tools that you have never used before. Take the opportunity to understand how to use each to maximize your profits.

You can start running your betting services during the free trial period. This means using the pay per head solutions to make profits without paying overhead fees.

After this, you will start paying $10 per player. The fee is still minimal, considering the benefits you get from the solutions provided by ChampsPPH.

Comprehensive Betting Platform

Players no longer create multiple online gambling platforms unless they want to. By creating one account, a player only needs to remember one password and share information with only one site. This means you have a comprehensive gambling platform to appeal to clients looking for an all-inclusive site.

ChampsPPH bookie software is integrated with a sports betting platform, poker platform, and racebook. These are three sources of income.

The sports betting platform is packed with more features to make gambling more enjoyable. For instance, players can use prop builder to create proposition bets. A live betting feature also allows players to participate in ongoing events by wagering between kickoff and just before the closing whistle.

Experienced Customer Service Team

You can save the money you would use to set up a call center by taking advantage of the free customer service offered by ChampsPPH. You cannot operate without customer support. Yet, call center technology is expensive.

ChampsPPH offers customer service to bookie agents and bettors. The team is professional, friendly, and passionate about the job. As such, they provide efficient solutions to bettors and incredible support to agents.

ChampsPPH is a comprehensive pay per head bookie solution provider. With over ten years of experience, the agents at the site build and upgrade solutions to meet bookies’ needs. Contact the site to find other benefits from its services and bookie software.