Online Sports Betting: Private Bookies vs. Corporate Sportsbooks

In the United States and in many international geographies, the private bookie would be considered the Founding Father of the sports betting industry. That was before the idea of the internet was still a pipedream in eyes of even the brightest technological minds.

The rise of online trade over the past two decades has radically changed the way many products and services are sold these days. The early days of the internet gave rise to offshore sportsbooks offering their bookmaking services online. The private bookies turned to pay per head sites such as Real Bookies to take their businesses online as well.

Today’s marketplace for sports betting continues to evolve around advanced technology and high sophisticated online software solutions. The big commercial online sportsbooks continue to thrive with a consistently expanding customer base but the bulk of the betting action is still handled by the private bookmaker. This is especially true in the US market as a multi-billion-dollar industry.

The small retailer continues to be squeezed out of the marketplace by large corporate entities. Huge online conglomerates such as Amazon will only intensify this trend. The competition in the online sports betting industry creates the same situation. Yet, a savvy private bookie working with a quality pay per head bookie services provider continues to thrive.

One of the reasons why private bookies still command the lion’s share of the sports betting industry is demand. There is enough business to go around given the average sports fan’s desire to add some betting action to their favorite sporting events. Anyone with an inclination to watch the big game tends to also have a strong inclination to bet on it.

The main reason why the private bookie still holds the edge over corporate sportsbooks is customer service. Today’s sophisticated bettors are looking for a higher level of service with added personal attention to an online betting account. This something the private bookie can provide and the big commercial book can never match.

Pay Per Head Fuels That Edge

Through a pay per site’s internal operating system, a private bookie can operate their business online in a way that completely levels the playing field against the big online books. They can create a highly professional online presence that meets any sports bettor’s needs. 

The private bookie can also tailor their online betting board to meet all the needs of their customer base. They can offer betting options that are extremely hard to find at the typical online corporate book.

Taking things one step further, the private bookie can tailor their approach to each of their customers through the use of individual online account profiles. Bookies can set customized betting and credit limits based on a customer’s betting habits and style. They can create automated settlement reports so everyone knows exactly where they stand at any given point in time.

These are just a few examples of how today’s private bookie can work closely with an online sports betting software provider to gain a significant edge over the big corporate sportsbooks.

The latest advances in technology and software applications now allow private bookies to expand into the realm betting horses online through a stand-alone racebook as well as offer real money gambling with an online casino app. 

By expanding their bookie operation into all types of online gambling, they become a true one-stop shop for all of their customer’s online gaming needs.