Offer Player Contests and Betting Pools with Champs Pay Per Head

One of the best ways to engage your entire sports betting base is through sports betting contests and money pools. Survivor contests during football season and bracket contests for March Madness tend to top the list. gives you the ability to keep the excitement going all year long with a wide variety of available contests and money pool options.

Included in the weekly cost of your pay per head plan, you can use contests and money pools as an effective marketing and promotional tool.

The Complete Weekly Bookie Services Package

The sports betting professionals at are always looking for ways to enhance your bottom line. While the majority of your revenue will always be tied to your overall sports betting handle, there are a number of proven ways to supplement that figure. has developed proprietary gaming software solutions that cover horse betting through your own online racebook as well as Las Vegas-style slots and table game play through an online casino. This is one of the few pay per head gaming software providers that cover poker tournaments through your own online poker room.

The addition of software to create sports betting contests and money pools is just another great example of taking an innovative approach to running and managing a successful independent online gaming site.

Sports Betting Contests and Money Pool Specifics contest and money pool solutions can be utilized in a number of different ways. You could offer free entries as an added perk tied to betting activity and other performance indicators.

For example, free entries into Sunday’s NFL Squares game of the week could be tied to multi-team parlay plays. Betting the NBA money line for Thursday’s doubleheader could result in a free entry in a weekly basketball contest or money pool. simply gives you the ability to create different contests for a wide variety of sporting events. You can decide all the parameters for entry as well as any available prizes for the winners.

Sports betting contests and money pools can also be used as an additional source of revenue. Avid sports bettors love to compete in survivor pools, handicapping contests, bracket picks and other forms of competition that test someone’s sports betting skills. Paid entries raise the stakes with cash prizes for the winners. You can take a cut of the entry fee for running the games.

One of the biggest benefits tied to contest and money pool software solutions is the point of difference it provides against your competition. In what has turned into a highly competitive business environment, you need the proper tools to position your sports bookie business as a full-service gaming site.

Gain the Overall Business Edge with goes out of its way to help you compete by completely leveling the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks in the marketplace. You never want to give even one active betting customer a reason to look elsewhere for action you do not offer.

Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group behind comes from an extended background in both sports betting and online gaming software solutions. The in-house team of sports betting professionals is always looking for ways to add even more value to your low, weekly per head fees for active players.