Keep Your Summer Betting Handle Strong with Champs PPH

Summer can be a rough stretch for private bookies given the slowdown in sports. MLB remains the biggest draw but many sports bettors take a break during the summer months to gear up for the return of football.

By working with, you can always make the most out of what is available in June, July and August. At the very least, this gives you a reason to keep your entire sports betting base engaged on a regular basis. employs it own internal staff of sports betting experts. In turn, they work closely with some of the best external line setting services in the sports betting industry. Leaving no stone unturned, you will always have instant access to sharp betting lines for anything worth betting on.

Build a First-Rate Betting Board with

As the bookie agent, you will always have complete control over your sports betting board. You will also have access to the proper software tools for managing that board. Changes can be made instantly and lines can be moved as needed.

Through the use of individual account profiles, you will also be able to set and adjust credit and betting limits in real time. This gives you a vital element of control when it comes to expanding your betting board. Though the use of online sports betting dashboard, you can always stay way out in front of any daily and weekly action coming in.

Expanding sports leagues and betting markets during the summer months gives each of your active customers a reason to stay engaged. As the primary way to keep the playing field even against the big commercial sportsbooks, you need to continually meet the sports betting needs of each customer in your betting base.

Working with the in-house sports betting team at, you can give your betting base access to sports leagues and sporting events they never knew were available. Whether it is added coverage for the new CFL season or increased head-to-head matchup odds for betting on golf and tennis tournaments, you will be making the most out of everything on the board.

Expand Your Online Gaming Options with

Another great way to maintain a strong weekly betting handle in the summer months is through added gaming options. As part of your weekly pay per head plan, offers best-in-class gaming solutions for an online racebook to take in action on horse betting. This covers a wide range of live tracks across North America and around the world.

You can also offer your own online casino complete with Las Vegas-style slots and digital table games. offers access to live casino table games such as blackjack and roulette. The available tables are run by actual dealers and streamed live on a continual basis. is one of the few pay per head bookie services providers that also offers an online gaming application for poker. This gives you the ability to run your own daily tournaments for Texas Hold’em and other popular poker variants.

By positioning your bookie business as a full-service online gaming site, you can smooth over the decrease in sports betting activity that naturally occurs during the summer months.