Is Your Pay Per Head Bookie Working For You?

The betting industry is extremely competitive. You will need the right tools to navigate. So, one of the questions you should be asking is whether your pay per head (PPH) bookie is working for you.

This article is for bookie agents that feel their PPH software is not working for them. By reading this piece, you will learn how to get all the benefits from a PPH bookie and whether to jump ships if it is not right for your business.

Safety and Security of the Bookie

Your players are concerned about their safety. They are afraid to share their data and financial information with an online bookie. So, they want assurance that you can protect their data by deploying the best security measures such as SSL and others.

Your clients also want assurance that they will wake up tomorrow to find your site still running. They worry that if they leave their funds in their gambling accounts, they might lose them.

So, you must strive to ensure your site is up 99.99 percent of the time. Your PPH service provider should have multiple servers that can pick up operations in case the first one is down. If you have noticed that your site goes off regularly, it is time to change.

Customer Help

Does your PPH service provider offer customer support to bookie agents and bettors? Unfortunately, players will always encounter problems as long as they are seeking your services online. They will want to seek assistance as soon as possible.

You can offer customer support yourself. But, it would mean working when you should be resting or spending time with a friend or family. The best PPH service provider has a call center.

The operator has also employed the best customer representatives to give your clients helpful solutions. They also have valuable tips for bookie agents to help grow their business or avoid problems.

Quality Products and Services

You want to run a successful and profitable bookie. This is possible when you have customer support for your clients and a safe gambling venue. Yet, it is not enough.

You must offer quality products and services. Suppose you focus on sports betting. Your sportsbook must have enough quality betting markets.

You are competing with big companies that have a big marketing budget. So, you cannot offer two betting lines a day and expect to earn a significant income. Apart from having enough betting markets, the odds should be competitive.

ChampsPPH is a reputable pay per head service provider. It offers the above benefits and more. Contact the firm if you are looking for a PPH bookie that works for you.