How to Start a Bookie on a Budget

Starting a bookie can be worthwhile. You can confirm this by looking at the net worth of the top sportsbooks that you know. Yet, most people still ignore their need to launch their platforms because they think they need to be millionaires.

You, indeed need to be at least a multi-millionaire to bid for a license in your state. For instance, individuals and companies bidding for downtown New York casino licenses in 2023 are billionaires and extremely rich firms. You would not dare enter such a bidding process unless you have over $500 million somewhere.

Yet, this is not the only way to enter the gambling market. In fact, you do not need $500 million in your account to start a bookie on a budget. In this article, we guide you on how to launch your business with only $10 per active player.

Research About the Requirements of Starting a Bookie in Your Jurisdiction

The process of starting a betting business is almost similar in all jurisdictions. But, there are several unique steps and requirements, which means you cannot follow the same steps another person used. So, if you reside in Utah, find the legal requirement for starting a bookie.

During your research, you will learn that Utah is yet to legalize gambling. Yet, this does not mean that Utah residents do not wager. They do, only at offshore sportsbooks.

So, you might want to launch an offshore sportsbook. In that case, you also want to find out the payment methods you and your clients will use without raising flags with local banks.

Contact ChampsPPH

Write down your research findings, as they will come in handy. During your research, you might have come across ChampsPPH. It is the leading pay per head bookmaking solution provider. The site can help you set up a bookie business offshore.

This site sets up your betting platform in seconds. So, if you are reading this article today and have a few thousand dollars to deposit to your bankroll, you can launch your bookie today.

Launch and Market Your Bookie

Launching your bookie with pay per head services takes seconds. Already, ChampsPPH has designed your bookie website. With a little customization, you can launch your services.

Now, you have to market your bookie. While the market seems saturated, there is enough for everyone.

Your job is to place your bookie on the map so that clients can find you. You might need to implement social media marketing, SEO, and other tools. Contact ChampsPPH to get your bookie at $10 per player, each week.