How to Find the Best Pay Per Head Service

A pay per head (PPH) service is a solution provided to bookies to launch and run their betting business efficiently without depleting their money. It is a necessary tool for running your gambling business in today’s market.

There are many PPH providers on the internet. Unfortunately, some are not ideal for you.

This article lists three factors to consider before subscribing to pay per head service. With these three tips, you can choose the best PPH service for you and your clients.


The first factor to consider is the features of the service. Some providers have different packages, allowing bookies to choose their most ideal.

Features make the PPH service unique. While most companies have almost the same characteristics, several things differentiate one PPH service from another.

Identifying what you and your clients need can help you pick the best pay per head service. While a service package can have tons of features, you might not need them all depending on the type of business you are running. Moreover, purchasing a package with more features might cost more money.

Yet, you should not ignore some features. Some of the primary elements of PPH service should have included mobile responsiveness, quality updated sportsbook software, management tools, and technical support.


Like other businesses, PPH service should have customer support. Pay per head concept might be new to you. This leaves you with limited skills and information to maximize its benefits.

As such, you need all the help you can get to run your business efficiently. Ask your potential provider whether they offer a one-on-one manager for your account.

Having a dedicated manager eliminates the waiting period before accessing support. Evaluate the quality of support by looking at how responsive and helpful the customer service is.


People always throw the “you get what you pay” line everywhere. In this case, it is true.

Choosing the best PPH service is overwhelming. You might feel excited when you find a company charging below $5 per head. But, be wary of choosing a company charging below market value.

Several things determine the cost of the PPH service. These include features, support, a payment system, additional betting platforms like casino and racebook, and live betting. Evaluate whether the money you are paying equals the value you get from the service provided.

Finding the best pay per head service can be overwhelming. However, the above three factors should help you choose the ideal service.

In that line, ChampsPPH is the best PPH service provider. It provides support for clients and bookie agents, numerous features to help you make money and run your business efficiently, and is cost-effective. Contact the company to subscribe to their beneficial services.