How to Bounce Back from the Bottom with a Pay-Per-Head Solution

Most businesses fall to the bottom of the pit without any warning signs. For instance, the spread of the Coronavirus left many bookie agents coinless. Many lost their source of income because they had no sports events to offer bets on.

You are probably one of the bookies that fell off the wagon. For a reason, you cannot find a way to climb to the top again. Fortunately, you have just come across a solution.

Join us as we explore how you can climb from the bottom to where you were before your business was affected by an unfortunate situation. Here is a tip, you will need a pay-per-head (PPH) service.

Find and Partner with PPH Service Provider

Restarting your betting service can be a challenge. As you can tell, every bookie is moving online. So, trying to join an industry that you left offline can feel intimidating.

You might not want to pursue your dream after considering the costs. Yet, we are not asking you to take a loan or break the bank. You do not need to.

So, find ChampsPPH and go into discussions about their services. You will discover all the tools a bookie needs to run a successful bookie. You can even take the free betting platform for a test drive.

Ask a few loyal friends to help with the project. Create their player accounts and test features and services provided by ChampsPPH. Ask about the costs.

Come Up with Your Capital

You have learned that ChampsPPH offers a bookmaking solution for $10 for every bettor. Use this quote to calculate how much you need to restart your bookie business.

For instance, if you want to start with ten players, you will need a $100 overhead fee. This fee covers services for ten active players weekly. This translates to $400 for four weeks and approximately $2,400 for six months.

Ensure you have enough capital to cover overhead fees for at least six months. You do not have to pay the full fee before getting the service.

Apart from that, create a bankroll. It is crucial to have money to pay your clients when they win. Otherwise, you might damage the reputation you are building afresh by making late payments.

Tailor Your Services for Your Clients

Customizing your offerings is the best way to attract clients from established sportsbooks and new players. This will appeal to clients. So, listen to your client’s needs and customize your offerings.

This will show your clients that you listen and act upon their needs. Clients love that.

By following these tips, you will soon rise to the top. Do not delay the process anymore; contact ChampsPPH to get your bookie business off the ground.