How the Integration of Cryptocurrencies Is Helping PPH Bookies Run Better Operations

The pay-per-head (PPH) industry has been around for decades. In fact, some of the companies that started the services over 25 years ago are still operational. This service has made it possible for bookies to offer their services conveniently.

They allow a bookie to offer more betting markets and online betting and satisfy customers` needs. Moreover, bookie agents do not have to worry about day-to-day operations like creating odds, picking up client calls, etc.
The best part about the industry is how it is growing. Currently, the integration of cryptocurrency is improving bookie’s operations.

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming popular because of the benefits they provide. Even sportsbooks that only offer traditional payment methods are adapting to include several cryptocurrency payment options. Below, we look at how cryptocurrencies are helping bookies run better operations.

Improved Security

Clients that use credit cards, bank transfers, or some e-wallet payment methods end up sharing their banking information with third parties. Your clients will never be comfortable sharing their banking details with an online bookie. Remember, you probably run your business anonymously because you want to skirt laws in your country.

While clients may want to get betting services from you, they have boundaries. Providing them with cryptocurrency payment options improves their safety. Usually, a transaction made through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others is recorded on blockchain technology that is almost impossible to hack.

Convenient Payments

Cryptocurrencies are accessible globally. As such, they provide a convenience that traditional payment options cannot match.

For instance, a payment option such as Interac is popular in Canada. It is convenient for a Canadian to use it as the operator has partnered with hundreds of banks in the country. Unfortunately, Interac might not be the ideal option for a client in America.

Fortunately, anyone can use cryptocurrencies no matter where they are. This makes it the most convenient payment option allowing bookies to receive wager money and pay out winnings in time.


Most clients want to remain anonymous. Unfortunately, they cannot do that when they deposit their funds through traditional payment methods.

Fortunately, clients can use cryptocurrencies without sharing their data. They can deposit, withdraw, and have a player account with your bookie website without sharing their real identity.

Cryptocurrencies provide security, convenience, and anonymity. These are some of the benefits clients want to get alongside quality betting services. Offering this form of payment method appeals to your clients.

It helps you run your operations efficiently. When you partner with ChampsPPH, the operator will integrate cryptocurrencies into your payment system, ultimately improving your operations.