How PPH Service Providers Work for Bookies

You are probably familiar with the analogy of working for someone else for them to earn money. If you are employed, that is what you do. Now, you can have someone else working for you.

First, you need to become a bookie. This will allow you to provide betting services to your friends, family, and other bettors near you. You can keep your job because someone else will work for you.

A pay per head (PPH) service provider is a third-party firm that offers the necessary tools and services to bookmakers. The service provider works on a subscription model, whereby bookies pay for the services based on the number of their clients. Ideally, bookies pay a certain fee for every active bettor weekly or monthly.

The existence of PPH service has made bookie operations easier. Today, bookies can run a successful business without spending a lot of operational costs thanks to PPH service. So, when we say PPH service providers work for bookies, we mean precisely that.

How does it work? This article explains how PPH service providers operate for bookies.

PPH Service Provider Offers Betting Platform and Software

PPH service providers offer bookies a betting platform and software allowing players to place bets on various sports events. This platform is user-friendly and provides a seamless betting experience, including real-time odds, a variety of betting markets, and easy navigation.

The platform is also customizable. Ideally, PPH providers allow bookies to customize the platform to reflect their brand. Bookmakers can often personalize the website’s design, add their logo, choose color schemes, and set betting rules and limits according to their preferences.


An online bookie should offer a plethora of betting markets. Otherwise, they need more space in the online betting market. Unfortunately, bookies cannot create betting lines for all sports and events.

Fortunately, PPH platforms offer players a wide range of betting markets and sports events. The provider manages and updates the odds in real time to ensure accurate and competitive betting options.

Customer Support

Say goodbye to midnight calls by taking the help of PPH service providers. The best PPH service provider has a call center and a professional team to help bookie agents and their clients.

When you sign up with PPH service providers, you can rest assured that your clients are getting assistance when you cannot afford to take their calls.

ChampsPPH is an excellent pay per head service provider. The company has experienced oddsmakers and customer representatives. ChampsPPH also offers a betting platform you and your clients will love using.