How Can a Pay Per Head Bookie Improve Betting Services?

Are your clients happy and how can you make them happier? Often bookies forget that their work does not end when they sign up clients. They abandon the client’s needs not knowing it is a recipe for losing customers.

It does not have to be so. Moreover, it requires little to improve your betting services and keep your clients happy. Here are the top three tips to implement.

Streamline the User-Interface

A smooth and user-friendly interface is crucial for improving the betting experience of your clients. So start by optimizing the navigation on your website to allow your clients to get around effortlessly finding their preferred markets.

The best way to do this is by choosing a simple website design. Usually, your pay per head provider will offer you a betting template. This template is uncluttered and clean, only with essential elements and intuitive icons.

Secondly, ensure that the bet slip is displayed prominently. The feature should allow bettors to view and modify their selections. It should also show the wager amount, odds, and the potential winnings.

Provide a Comprehensive Range of Betting Markets

You have to trust that you are dealing with gambling fans. Providing one or two betting markets will not work. Besides, a diverse range of betting markets is crucial to keeping your clients engaged and satisfied.

By offering a wide selection of options, you cater to the varied interests and preferences of your clients, ensuring that they can find the markets that appeal to them. Ensure your website covers major sports events in various disciplines including football, basketball, soccer, tennis, cricket, and other. Then, remember to cover special events such as the World Cup, Super Bowl, and Olympics.

Customize the Betting Experience with Customizable Features

Lastly, you need to personalize the betting experience of each of your clients. Ideally, allow your clients to customize some features. For instance, some platforms allow clients to customize their skin.

If you cannot find such a customization tool, allow other customizable features such as odds formats. This will allow a client to choose their preferred and familiar odds format such as American, fractional, and decimal.

You can also allow clients to access their betting history and statistics. This will make them feel empowered and informed to make better decisions.

Sounds easy, right? By focusing on streamlining the user interface, offering a comprehensive range of betting markets, and providing customizable features, you can significantly enhance the betting experience of your clients.

At ChampsPPH, we help bookies move from rookies to pro bookies. We have expert agents that will continually guide you on how to improve your betting services to keep your clients happy.