Champs PPH Benefits

  1. We have the best customer service out there. No company invest as we do in our people. (Our employees have an incredible knowledge of the Software’s we use, and they know everything regarding this industry. We have real professionals, with excellent people skills, that receive constant training, and are under strict QA control to guaranty the quality of our service).
  2. We offer a REAL 24/7 service. Our staff works around the clock to give you maximum satisfaction.
  3. We invest thousands of dollars on infrastructure to provide a faster, more efficient and powerful service to your costumers.
  4. We have our own development department that integrates the newest technologies to our software and services, improving the bookie experience and the gambling experience for your players.
  5. We are a company that is always innovating. Getting new software’s, producing new reports, developing new sites, new tools to minimize mistakes, to find sharp players and steam player, to offer new products for our customer and more.
  6. We maximize your hold percentage on every single sports, we analyze all the leagues behaviors, including players behavior, sharp and steam behavior, we monitor live action coming on every game and we compare our lines with the market.
  7. We are a lines provider, we have created the ultimate Auto lines mover manager that provides lines to all the pay per head industry and popular online sports books so now you will be competing on the same level as them.
  8. We adapt to any situation and we are flexible with our customer demands. We listen to our customers.
  9. We reward our agents with price brakes for their loyalty to our company, for the amount of active players they have and for referring our service to other agents.
  10. We have innovating contest for our agents with great prices.
  11. All our resources are focus on producing a productive and profitable business.
  12. Our fees includes both live casino and virtual casino and we do not charge our agents with a percentage of the loses and all the rest of the industry does. We also include a complete platform of racing tracks and a very complete range of markets from all over the world, to attract all kind of players to your ranks.
  13. We are always looking at the future and studying the evolution of the markets in our very complex industry. This perspective is reflected in our effort to include a Dynamic live software that can be offered to your players so they can keep betting not only in a pre-match mode but also in a in-game mode that will allow the player to have a more pleasant experience while he is watching the game and being able to keep betting on it.
  14. Our in house live is also growing and is NOW available for all NFL, MLB and NHL games. CBB,CFB, SOCCER, TENNIS and GOLF are also growing and we are adding more and more games to our in house live.
  15. Our players websites are all mobile friendly, they save time to the players while putting their wagers,they reduce the amount of clicks and screen touches a person have to do to put a wager. It is very simple to use and fulfill all the modern requirements.
  16. We receive all 4 mayor payment methods in the industry Like BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, MONEYGRAM and RIA and we give our old and loyal customers additional benefits to send money with other methods once we have build a long lasting and trustful relationship.
  17. We offer an easy to use cashier software that allows our customers to select their favorite method and send a deposit in minutes. Now a days with all the technology available from all the methods you can find online you can send in no time from the comfort our your house.
  18. Our security and encrypted platform provides the most secure environment for agent to develop their business.
  19. Our service reach all kind of secure communication methods, you can contact us at any time by email, phone, chat and even whatsapp.
  20. We have created a Knowledge base that offers and incredible range of information on how to manage your pay per head and business platform. This magnificent tool is available on the agent site and has is own personal tab and you can also find it in one of the chat options.
  21. Another fantastic tool we have created to enhance the bookie experience is our player setup wizard (tutorial) that facilitates our bookies to navigate in the player management and learn anything is needed to start their business in a blink of an eye.
  22. You receive a 2 week free trial to test our software’s and gambling platform, no deposit require, no questions asked, a complete free trial that will enroll you in the best PPH service out there.
  23. You also get rewarded with an additional 2 week free after your first deposit of 200$ or more depending of your amount of players, this is and excellent promotion to save some money.
  24. Once a year we reward all agents with a COMPLETE FREE WEEK and the only condition is to have a positive balance in a specific week of the year.
  25. As no other PPH service we reimburse the transfer fees of any transaction over 200$ if the agent has a positive balance at the moment he send the deposit.
  26. We reimburse Bitcoin or Ethereum fees up to 50$ on any account that has a positive balance and send the equivalent of 200$ or more.
  27. We have establish a predetermine setting in parlays, teasers, horses and casino to protect our agent from huge payout.
  28. Another benefit you will receive when you jump on board is the ability to modify All limits set in every sport or period. You will be able to customize as pleased.
  29. We understand or customers an we know that in this times of extreme stress and work pressure you also need some moments to catch your Breath and continue. That is why you will receive 4 extensions a year in our PPH, for does complicated moments when you get to busy to send or have personal matters to attend or focus on.
  30. With our PPH service you will be able to move your own lines in any sport or period, you can change our lines and put your own based on your game exposure.
  31. With our PPH service you will enjoy a very useful tool called the Bet ticker where you can see all plays coming live from your players account. We also have a Mini bet ticker that is a smaller version and is active from the dashboard.
  32. You can also enjoy the extreme independence The Player management tab will give you. It is the most important tool on the agent site. Here you can enable or disable the sports, casinos, horses, dynamic live and event the player access. You can see the setting of each individual player and you can access these settings, to set up passwords, credit limit, max wager, make receipts, disbursement, adjustments, free plays, check stats, check player performance report and modify other settings.
  33. We have a unique Alert system were you can set up alerts for any amount you desire. The alert system also allow you to set an alert for run out balances so you can settle faster with you goes or give them more room to keep playing.
  34. We have our own 24/7 FREE call center for players and agents and all calls are Recorded in case of claims or discrepancies.
  35. One of the newest fixture you can enjoy with our PPH service is the Sub-agent management, where you can enable or disable a sub-agent, you can change passwords assign all rights like access rights, action rights, adjustment rights, primary and secondary reports and more.
  36. Another benefit that you can find only in our websites is the ability of creating messages for your players accounts, individually or for all of them at once. You can also create flags for our call center clerks regarding your players thanks to the Notification tab.
  37. You forgot your email password and what to check the last email received from us, no problem, you can go to the Support tab and check all email and trends.
  38. Many Sport books and some PPH services are incorporating Dynamic live lines into their software’s but they are leaving behind the agent needs. How can you make decisions if you don’t have the right information our dynamic reports will let you analysis the player performance on this market of high demand.
  39. Transparency is very important in this industry because partnership depends a lot on a trustworthy relation between the PPH service and his customers and vice versa. When coming down to the money, transparency is even more important and that is why we have created the “Balance button” that allow agents to check all money transaction made on their accounts. It will show the weekly fees, the deposits and any adjustment made for you to keep track on your money.
  40. Players are not perfect, there is always a margin for mistakes and actually they are very common in this type of business. He put the wrong team, he selected the first half instead of the game, didn’t check the date and the game is for tomorrow, anyways there is many possibilities for errors and that is why we have created the Delete wagers option available for agent on the open bets report before the games started. All deleted wagers can be checked on the change wager report just in case you also falls into the margin of error.
  41. To be on top of your business is very important as you don’t want to get hit by one of your players. The Player analysis report is the ultimate tool to find out what your players are doing and where are they making the money. The top week or top month player graphics, are 1 click away from the Player analysis or you can access through the player management console.
  42. We charge no extra money for moving your players from your actual PPH to our PPH platform, if your players have only pending futures we will not charge you for that active player until those futures get graded, as we only charge the active account that have graded wagers on their accounts.