Bookie and Player Interaction In The Digital Era

There is no doubt, technology is king in our world. In the sports betting industry, this means that things are a lot easier these days for Bookies in all parts of the world. The days of hand-written tickets are well behind, accessing all kinds of information about sports, leagues and odds is right at the tip of our fingers, even phone calls are a thing of the past when we think about placing a bet. It’s all online now, from the comfort of your home or office, from your favorite vacation spot, from the stadium or horse track itself, it doesn’t matter, bets are being placed right this second from anywhere in the world you can think of, and this is all thanks to technology.

However, there is a part of this sports betting audience that grew up in different times, and still need to feel the human interaction in this digital era. As much as we understand this, and try to adjust, this circumstance certainly makes things a little bit harder for us as Bookies, because we don’t only need a website for our customers, but we still need to provide them with wagering clerks, managers who can talk to them and solve different issues that might come up, Customer Service representatives who can assist with different things, etc.

Why is this relevant when talking about a Price per Head service?

As we said before, this constant need for human interaction, complicates things a little bit when you’re a sportsbook owner. Why? Because this means you need to invest in personnel, when, all you really want to focus on is having your customers playing and being able to offer them a website where they can place their bets.

The good news here is that, with Price per Head, you won’t have to worry about this at all! Once you pick a service and pay the small weekly fee per customer, you will get access to its entire staff, including clerks, line movers, graphic designers, programmers and more, all working for the good of your operation. This means that, all your customers who demand human interaction will get some of the best and most experienced personnel on the phone each and every time, 24/7. And the best part is, this doesn’t mean any extra expense for you. ZERO!

Remember, once you join a PPH operation, all you must worry about is 3 things:

  1. Taking care of your customers and hopefully, getting more.
  2. Paying a small weekly fee per ACTIVE customer. This is your only operational expense.
  3. Make sure you take advantage of your service’s reporting tools, so that you can be in control and learn to make the most out of this industry.

Are you getting all these benefits already? Don’t waste another second. Contact us right away and let’s get you all setup! Champs PPH is the present and future of Sports Betting, don’t let the others get ahead of you. Take this huge step into success today!