Additional Revenue Streams for Pay Per Head Bookies

Bookies already have challenges running their operations. Making profits should not be one of them.

Thanks to pay per head services, bookies can add another revenue stream to their operation to grow their income. At ChampsPPH, you can use several revenue streams to support sports betting revenue. In this article, we take a dive into other revenue streams you can add to your platform.

Horse Racing

While sports betting is undeniably popular, it’s essential to recognize that relying solely on this vertical may limit growth opportunities. By incorporating horse racing bets into the mix, a pay per head bookie opens the door to a new and passionate demographic of bettors.

Horse racing has a rich tradition and a dedicated fan base. Offering horse racing markets such as the Grand National and Kentucky Derby can increase your revenue. These markets provide opportunities for increased engagement and revenue generation.

Poker Games

Introducing poker games as part of your services widens the spectrum even further. With its strategic gameplay and competitive nature, poker attracts a different set of enthusiasts.

You will need online poker rooms and tournaments. Fortunately, you do not have to hold numerous poker tournaments to attract players.

Offering poker games can lead to increased user engagement. In fact, you can convert your sports bettors into poker players and poker players into sports fans and bettors, increasing revenue in both fields.

Betting Pools and Props Bets

Betting pools present another avenue for diversification. Most people are already familiar with office pools for major sporting events. Unfortunately, they do not know if they can run their pools online.

Introducing betting pools for various events adds a social dimension to your offering. Today, social elements are lacking because people prefer to spend time online. Introducing betting pools online can attract players to participate in something they already know and love.

Meanwhile, proposition betting adds an exciting layer to the traditional sports wagering experience. Instead of merely betting on the outcome of a game, bettors can place wagers on specific events within the game.

This could range from the number of goals scored by a particular player to receiving a yellow card during an event. Props betting is fun and unpredictable, attracting a segment of users who seek a more exciting and entertaining gambling experience.

Relying solely on the income of sports betting is no longer viable. You need more revenue streams to make ends meet. Fortunately, you do not need to invest in another field.

You can expand in the gambling industry by offering horse racing markets, poker, props betting, and pool betting. Contact ChampsPPH to set you up with these revenue streams.