Adding Cryptocurrency in Your PPH Bookie Operations

Sports betting is a lucrative business. However, you must use the ideal software to stand out from over 30,000 online sportsbooks. You must also continually improve your bookie operations to retain your clients.

One of the things you can do to improve bookie operations is adding cryptocurrency payment methods. These promote anonymity that your clients will appreciate.

Cryptocurrency has become an ideal payment option for players. It is a trustworthy option, unlike many banks that bail out of processing gambling money. Here are the advantages of adding cryptocurrency to your bookie.

It Promotes Privacy

Almost every player is interested in keeping their information private. With all data leakage online, it is better to be safe than sorry by using payment methods that promote privacy.

Fortunately, crypto methods such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, do not require personal information from users. Once you transfer money to a crypto wallet, you become invisible. Players can safely send wagering funds to your bookie account and withdraw their winnings through the same method.

Instant Processing Time and Inexpensive Transactions

Crypto banking is instant. Money transfers are verified immediately, releasing money to receipt in real-time. This means players can deposit money and instantly find a live in-game event to wager on.

Most cryptocurrency transfers are cost-effective as there are no third parties to facilitate transactions. Usually, transaction fees range between $0.01 and $1 for even large amounts of transfers.

Traditional fiat money processors charge huge transaction fees. This is unappealing because it steals a small percentage of your money.

Unrestricted Use

Another advantage of using this method is that no one can prevent a transaction from going through. For example, if a player or bookie agent resides in a state where gambling is illegal, banks cannot process their money to gambling platforms. In fact, your bank can flag your account if you tried to send or receive money from a gambling account.

Cryptocurrency technology is not overseen by any government body. This is a good thing for gamblers who do not want someone recording their transfers and winnings.

Notably, bookie agents can also benefit from cryptocurrency payment. Considering that you are running an offshore pay per head bookie, you must protect your finances from local regulators.

You can use crypto options to pay price per head fee or put your currency in cold storage until you are ready to withdraw your earnings. Contact ChampsPPH today to enquire more about adding cryptocurrency to your bookie operations.