Comparing Local Bookies and Commercial Sportsbooks

Sports betting is huge in the US and around the world. This is an industry that continues to explode with billions and billions in revenue every year. The entire landscape of the sports betting industry in the US is also changing rapidly. 

Since May of 2018 when states were given the right to dictate legal sports betting within their own border, more and more have changed their laws to accommodate land-based sportsbooks in existing casinos and horse racing tracks. Many of these same states have given these same sportsbooks the ability to book betting action online.

This has dramatically increased the competitive aspect of the sports betting industry. Big commercial offshore books catering to the US market through highly sophisticated online betting sites have risen to the occasion to maintain their share of the market. The other main source for generating sports betting revenue is still the local bookie.

The Local Bookie’s Role in The Sports Betting Industry

As long as there have been competitive sporting events, there have been groups of people betting on their outcome. Private bookies were the driving force behind sports betting in the US from the very start. Flash forward a couple of hundred years and they still control the lion’s share of money bet on sports. 

Things are rapidly changing in the US market, but the private bookie working with a select base of players will continue to be a big part of the overall revenue generated. The driving force behind this phenomenon is the pay per head industry. 

Top bookie service’s providers such as Champs PPH have created internal operating systems and external online sports betting software solutions that are designed to completely level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks when it comes to taking action online. 

The pay per head business model will lease these software solutions to local bookies for a set weekly fee that is only charged for active betting customers. This provides a low-cost solution for any bookmaker looking to take their operation online.

The Local Bookie’s Benefits for Avid Sports Bettors

As much as automated ‘nuts and bolts’ technology and sophisticated software applications have taken over online sports betting, this is still a customer-driven service industry. The main reason why today’s avid sports bettor turns to a private bookie is the elevated level of customer care and personal attention to detail they can provide and the big commercial books can never match.

Commercial books will go out of their way to offer bonuses and promotions as a monetary incentive to utilize their sports betting services. The private bookie wins over their customers with one-on-one attention as well as added perks such as account credit. 

Specialized software solutions designed specifically for private bookies facilitate the higher level of service they can provide. These solutions also offer full online capabilities to manage every customer’s betting account. Settlement sheets keep clear and concise tabs on a bettor’s losses or gains. A complete betting history can recap all their online betting activity and personalized online account profiles help to deepen the ongoing business relationship between bookies and their betting customers.

This personalized approach to running and managing an independent online sportsbook carries over to the actual sports betting options a bookie can offer. An online sports bettor is stuck with their commercial book’s betting board. 

Working directly with a pay per head bookmaking operation immediately opens the door to an endless array of betting options for large selection of betting sports. This covers betting options in the US as well as international sporting events all around the world.